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B40 Alfa Blend

Our B40 Alfa Blend is a unique mix of highly complementary plant types bred and selected for enhanced yield and drought/cold tolerance all while providing an excellent performance profile. Known for deep seated crowns, abundant leaf mass, fine stems and large energy storing roots, our B40 Alfa Blend will provide you with consistent all-weather hardiness and browse recovery guaranteed to keep and bring wildlife into your property.  


B40 Clove Blend

Our B40 Clove Blend is anchored by Ad. Ladino clover providing exceptional growth habits characterized by tall, leafy spreading plants. Generating a truly magnetic effect on wildlife. We add Durana and Kopu II White clovers to complete this blend. We have found it critical to have the correct complement of clover for the best possible blend.   


B40 Jungle Blend

Our B40 Jungle Blend is an excellent mix for spring, summer or fall that provides both a bedding area along with high protein forage. This blend starts with a hybrid forage Sorghum that grows tall providing excellent wildlife cover coupled with Peredovic Sunflower growing anywhere from 4 - 6ft in height that acts as a lattice for Lablab - an extremely high yielding summer bean with excellent protein content, Forage Peas - a high producing viny plant that will climb the structure of complimentary plants and Canola - a fast growing, high energy brassica both heat and cold tolerant.  


B40 Game Fuel

A unique fall blend of high quality compatible compounds tested and selected for their superior forage quality, sucrose and protein levels, and palatability. Providing sugars for winter fat stores when deer need it most. Enhancing soils, organic matter, and nutrient recycling.

Forage Collards 40% 

A hybrid brassica selected for its superior forage quality, high palatability, high biomass production, and winter survival.  Extreme tap roots into the soil profile makes high production even in hot dry summers. Nutrient recycling and organic matter building, high in protein, and sugar levels.

Kale 40%

Kale  is one of the best forage producers in the brassica family. Producing up to 10 tons of leafy forage per acre. Kale has highest cold tolerance of all  brassicas and provides up to 25% protein. Converts starches into sugars after the frost.

Sugar Beets 20%

A 2 stage food source. Deer love the over 20% sucrose forage and roots that can grow an 8' tap root! Providing for fat stores when deer need it most. Highly digestible. Very adaptable to various soil types. Grows very well in the north enjoying the daytime highs and nighttime lows.

Planting tips:

  1. Firm weed free seed bed (spray, till, cultipack)
  2. Depth 1/2"-1"
  3. Firm the seed bed again! (a must)

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Uncle Al's B40 Fall Blend

A carefully selected brassica mix. All certified 100% seed with no fillers. Establishes quickly and grows rapidly, quality high protein forage into the coldest months. All become sweeter after the first frost. Can be planted with minimal ground preparation. The large leaves produced by this brassica mix will also shade out weeds. 

Forage Kale 50%

Kale is one of the best forage producers of the brassica family producing up to 10 tons of leafy forage per acre. Kale has the highest cold tolerance of all the brassicas. Providing tonage of up to 25% protein. Converting their starches into sugars after the first frost becoming sweeter.

 Purple Top Turnip 16.5%

A very high yielding brassica with large bulbs with 6-10 growing points making tonage of high protein,highly digestable quality forage.


Forage Radish 16.5%                               

Our radish has extreme root systems that pull nitrogen and nutrients from deep within the soil. After decomposition the nitrogen remains for the following years crop.


Forage Canola 16.5%

A fast growing super high energy cold tolerant brassica.Highly adaptable and grows well in most soil conditions.

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A blend of both annuals and perennials serving as a multi-stage food source that overlap in both attraction and nutrition at specific times of year. Will provide a fast growing highly adaptable brassica (canola) the 1st year followed by 3-5 years of clover/chicory.

Chicory (33%)

A cool season perennial forb, very high in protein (up to 30%) highly palatable, energy rich food source. Extensive tap root system and therefore drought tolerant. Rich in minerals K+, Ca, Mg, S, Zn. Minimal maintenance  

Canola (50%)

AKA Chicken Oats, A high energy fast growing brassica, both heat and cold tolerant, highly adaptable grows well in most soil conditions, extreme protein and prevents  soil erosion. Large amounts of biomass, weed suppressant with high melliferous potential

Ladino Clover (17%)

Few things more attractive than a clover stand. Ladino is a hybrid perennial legume,  intermediate clover,  spreads via stolon, last 4-5 years in duration, an excellent source of protein. (up to 25%)





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Why BackForty?

Back Forty Seed Co. is a Central Pennsylvania based company committed to maximizing the potential of your property by improving your wildlife habitat. In our 20 + combined years of assessing, testing, prepping and planting food plots, we feel we have identified and developed blends that are guaranteed to attract all species of wildlife and keep them on your property all while enhancing their dietary needs during critical times of the year.


Why Food Plots?

 The rewards of food plots are not only during hunting season. Watching the land evolve into an improved habitat, the deer and wildlife become bigger & healthier and increase herd numbers. No matter the acreage of your property it is beneficial to both the wildlife and hunter. Food plotting is hard work but rewarding! You will become a farmer, laborer, logger and wildlife manager. A one acre food plot has the potential to provide more nutrition and forage than 100 acres of mature woods. Food plots also reduce pressure off native woodland vegetation and decrease the chance of overbrowsing. This year it is time to get to work and let’s all work together as sportsman to improve our herd through cultivation of habitat. Happy plotting!

All B40 Blends use Coated and 100% Certified Seed.

 Coated seed enhances germination, seedling survival and growth. With added advantages in the coatings such as lime coating, insecticide, fungicide, protective polymer, nutrients and growth stimulants. Giving you a 93% survival rate, better erosion control, good longevity and limited weed infestation as compared to a 45% survival rate with non coated options.